With technology advancing at a lightning speed pace, it is important ACS introduce clients to current, efficient options for printing their projects. Digital printing is a fairly new modality ACS is using to give clients a cost effective high quality product. In essence, Digital printing allows clients to personalize and focus their printing through customized pieces, using variable data procedures. For instance, your clients could receive a postcard with their name specifically printed. This way every client receives something personal, and makes a connection with their sender. The same is true with any pieces needing customization based on their demographic. Each piece would be highlighted with specific graphics and text.


Why Chooimagesse Digital Print over Offset Print?

  • perfect for high quality images
  • cost effect for low quantity jobs
  • makes sense for quick turnarounds.
  • Variable Data Printing increases return on direct mail.

Here are some of the options available when you choose ACS digital printing:

  • Variable data printing
  • Small format printing (flyers, business cards and letterheads)
  • Large format printing (up to 13 x 19)
  • Quick Turn
  • Perfect for small print jobs