ACS provides two main methods of uploading project files.

1.  InSite Pre-Press Portal
2.  FTP Upload.

By logging into our FTP site via our website,  you can provide us with the files it takes to get your job rolling.
Without the hassle of traditional submission methods,  our direct customer service and design assistance we ensure
a quality end product. All FTP users are provided with a secure log in password keeping your files accessible but confidential.

For a more cost effective and efficient experience we highly recommend utilizing the InSite Pre-Press Portal.  It operates much like the ftp site, with one major difference: once your files are uploaded they are automatically placed into our pre-press software.  If you are uploading pdfs the portal will also let you know if there are errors with your file and generate a proof for you to review.  Changes can be submitted through the portal as well as job approval.

Please contact us for more information on how to submit your files online!


Submit Files to our Pre-Press Portal


Submit Files to our FTP Site