1.  Inquire about a FREE consultation (optional)

2.  Request a price quote based on your specifications (optional)

3.  Submit your files and job specifications to ACS using one of the following

a.  upload to the Insite Pre-Press Portal

b.  attach to an email and send to an ACS representative

c.  Upload to ACS’ FTP site

d.  Put on USB drive and deliver to ACS

 4.  ACS will confirm receipt to your files

5.  Files are pre-flighted and reviewed. ACS will contact you with any questions at this time.

6.  Files are processed and a pdf proof is generated.

a.  If using InSite you will be notified via email that your proof is ready for review

b.  Otherwise a PDF will be emailed to you.

7.  Once approval is given we will print a hard copy color proof.

c.  You will have the option to review this proof or not.

8.  Your project is produced to meet your specifications.

9.  Completed materials are delivered, mailed or shipped by your due date.

10.  Project is invoiced – ACS billing terms are 1%10 Net30 days.