6 Life without Limits Shout Outs to... Volunteer Pat Cain shows off two rocks he found embedded in the base of a power wheelchair. • Hershey Wheelchair Clinic for the donation of 15 bath benches to UCP’s Changing Hands* equip- ment reuse and exchange program. (Value of the donated goods to their eventual owners: PRICELESS!) UCP’s Jackie Wardle sits with refurbished and tagged benches awaiting delivery to their new owners. Jackie notes that the bath benches are among the most requested items. • Changing Hands volunteer Pat Cain who provided referrals and repairs on a voluntary basis for over four years. (Approximate value: what price do you put on that level of caring and commitment?) Midstate students express themselves... in words and pictures. The 2016-17 UCP/SchmidtKramer Expressions Contest had 21 winners from 11 different schools and one home school, as follows: Writing Grades 3-4 Zachary Barna-Brown (St. Margaret Mary) - 1st Place Ian Shyk (St. Margaret Mary) - 2nd Place Kaylee Dang ( North Side Elementary) - 3rd Place Grades 5-6 Riley Storry (Paxtonia Elementary) - 1st Place Braylynne Orner (Home school) - 2nd Place Emma Miller (Good Shepherd Catholic School) - 3rd Place Grades 7-8 Ishita Mitra (Eagle View Middle School) - 1st Place Veronica Goonan (Eagle View Middle School) - 2nd Place Katherine Schrock (Linglestown Middle) - 3rd Place Grades 9-12 Jalah Smith (Central Dauphin High) - 1st Place Colton Liddick (Susquenita High) - 2nd Place Enas Khan (Central Dauphin High) - 3rd Place Pictures Grades 3-4 Kory Price-Kurtz (St. Margaret Mary School) - 1st Place Autumn Holko ( St. Margaret Mary School) - 2nd Place Antonio Medina (St. Margaret Mary School) - 3rd Place Grades 7-8 Alina Watson (Eagle View Middle School) - 1st Place Braedon Campbell (East Pennsboro Middle) - 2nd Place Casey Segin (Eagle View Middle School) - 3rd place Grades 9-12 Sophia Mazza (Central Dauphin High) - 1st Place Emma Lewis (Central Dauphin High) - 2nd Place Kaiden Montgomery (Cedar Cliff High) - 3rd Place We encourage you to view photos of the winners and enjoy their entries at: www.expressionscontest.org In the meantime, take a look at what one teacher from North Side Elementary in Harrisburg had to say about her classroom of students who participated in last year’s contest (see note at right). Turns out not only are her students kind-hearted, they also express themselves well. One of this past year’s winners-- Kaylee Dang--was a student of Ms. Brown. • Deloitte Impact Day volunteers for the SUPER- spectacular day they planned for participants and staff of several of UCP’s adult day programs and residential homes. Site lead Marisa Tokarsky and her army of volunteers provided games, crafts, give-aways, and entertain- ment (a special shout out to DJ Harry Perlmutter!). Beyond that, they gave of their time and their hearts so that others might experi- ence life without limits in a fun-filled setting. You can’t begin to put a value on that! Pathways’ Kayla and Deloitte’s Syed dance away at Impact Day * Changing Hands is supported in part by Pennsylvania’s Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT), the Common- wealth’s Assistive Technology Act Program at the Institute on Disabilities, Temple University, and is funded through a grant from the Administration on Community Living, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Changing Hands is a participant in the Reused and Exchanged Equipment Partnership (REEP), a program of PIAT.