5 Life without Limits M echanicsburg r espite 6 s tate r d ., #113, M echanicsburg Friday, November 17 Friday, December 1 Friday, December 15 Respite at the Mechanicsburg location is typically offered the first and third Friday of the month. Respite care begins at 6 pm and participants must be picked up by 10 pm. c arlisle r espite 20 e. n orth s t ., c arlisle Friday, November 10 Friday, December 8 Respite at the Carlisle location is currently offered the second Friday of the month only. Respite care begins at 6 pm and participants must be picked up by 10 pm. UCP Respite Care: giving back to the caregivers As a sign of our ongoing commitment to meet the needs not only of the individuals receiving our services, but to also support the wellbeing of the family and caregivers involved, UCP offers respite care on a regular basis. We currently provide respite in Mechanicsburg on the first and third Friday of each month and in Carlisle once a month, on the second Friday. Here’s how it works: Step 1: New respite users should contact Director of Adult Day Programs Deirdre Frey for an intake packet. Once the packet is received and approved, respite can be scheduled. Those who have already participated in UCP’s respite can skip this step. Step 2: Contact Becki Kreiser by 5pm on Wednesday of the week that you plan to attend. You will be notified as soon as possible to let you know when your family member has been added to the list. You must receive a confirmation in order to participate. Maintaining adequate participant/staff ratios is necessary to ensure that all participants enjoy themselves in a safe environment. That means we cannot accept “walk-ins.” Aminimum of seven participants is required to run the program. If we do not have seven people signed up by Wednesday of a given week, we will notify families that respite will not be in session for that week. Funding for respite at either location is available through: • MH/IDD County base funds • Greater Harrisburg Autism Society • Private pay Families who have difficulty affording respite care should contact Deirdre Frey at UCP to inquire about additional resources for funding. t o request an intake packet , contact Deirdre at deirdre.frey@ucpcentralpa.org 717.737.3477, x412 t o sign up for respite care at either location , contact Becki at becki.kreiser@ucpcentralpa.org 717.382.6900 On behalf of retired UCP President and CEO Jeff Cooper, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to Cumberland-Perry Respite (CPR) Committee members for making respite a reality for so many families over the past 10 years. Thanks to the joint efforts of CPR and UCP, the Committee was able to launch the overnight respite program in Shippensburg and the Friday evening programs in Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, and Shippensburg. The Committee also established a cooperative relationship with Autism Society to provide respite care services for its members. CPR made the decision to disband in March 2017, however, UCP will continue to provide respite care services based on demand. a note of thanks around the agency Kids and siblings are able to spend an evening doing various activities in a supportive environment while their parents or caregivers take an evening off. At left, two participants enjoy blowing colorful bubbles at the Carlisle respite.