13 Life without Limits UCP Foundation of Central PA You help make great days possible. Every day. “One of the very best things about my job as Executive Director of the UCP Foundation of Central PA is seeing your gift dollars at work. Although I am only five months into my new position, I have been left breathless on numerous occasions seeing firsthand what it means for the individuals and families we serve to experience ‘Life Without Limits.’ I want to assure you that your gift dollars matter. Your support helps make great days possible--for consumers and staff alike--at UCP. Let me give you just one example. Recently, one of our UCP programs welcomed a young man named Jason. Jason had a hard time transitioning from high school, where he had benefitted from many different support systems. Since graduation, he had been spending his days at home, hunkered down in his room with his DVD, iPad, computer, phone, and other devices. In retrospect, the family thinks Jason was chronically overstimulated. Luckily for Jason, his family and support team--Case Manager, Lauren Matkovic; Behavior Specialist, Jill Walck; and Behavior Specialist and Sensory Assessor, Heather Auxt- Snelson--never gave up. They were persistent in getting Jason the support he needed. It wasn’t long before UCP CEO Judith McCowan caught wind of Jason’s story. She welcomed him and his parents to the UCP family with arms wide open, telling them that Jason had a home here with us. I wonder what it was like for everyone on Jason’s first day with UCP. I can only imagine that there was excitement and anticipation from all parties. It fills me with such emotion to share with you that Jason’s first day at UCP was not just a good day, but a GREAT day. You see, this particular UCP location has a state-of-the- art Sensory Room that was made possible due to the generous support of private philanthropy. Jason SMILED and walked all around the room that first day. He returned to the Sensory Room several times that day, not because he was anxious but because the patient and understanding staff continually suggested he do so. The behavioral support team kept Jason’s parents apprised of how well he was doing by sending them pictures throughout the day. Jason’s parents expressed JOY that his first day went so well and that he was HAPPY when they picked him up. M ESSAGE FROM T HE E XECUTIVE D IRECTOR : Jason’s great day at UCP was made possible through the generosity of donors just like you. I hope you will consider including UCP in your philanthropic plans, especially as the giving season approaches. Together we can create many more great days for the individuals we serve at UCP.” - Julie Beroukas Snyder julie.snyder@ucpcentralpa.org / 717.737.3477, x 126 Jason enjoying his time in the Sensory Room The UCP Foundation of Central PA exists to help support and sustain UCP’s programs and services for people of all ages and all abilities. One recent example is the allocation of $5,300 for a dozen iPads for consumer use in agency programs. The iPads were gifted by the Foundation Board in memory of long-term UCP and UCP Foundation Board member Doris Brunner, in recognition of her unequivoal belief in the power of technology to support life without limits. F OUNDATION U PDATE Won’t you help make more great days possible in the lives of the people UCP serves? Simply complete and return the enclosed reply envelope, along with your donation payable to: UCP Foundation of Central PA 55 Utley Drive, Camp Hill, PA 17011-4307 Or, to make a secure online donation, visit: http://bit.do/DonateToUCP Thank you! The UCP Foundation is thrilled to report that we have been awarded grants from two regional foundations of the Foundation for Enhancing Communities: The Franklin County Foundation recently approved a grant of $4,803 for the UCP Pathways Social Club Project to promote and facilitate inclusive social gatherings for adults of all abilities. The first focus of the social club will be to create a competitive video game night for people with disabilities and their peers within the community of Franklin County. The Mechanicsburg Area Foundation approved a grant of $3,449 for UCP’s Changing Hands Program, an equipment exchange and reuse program that provides restored and refurbished home medical equipment and assistive technology devices free of charge to residents throughout PA, including those living in Mechanicsburg. The program ensures people of all ages with a wide range of needs, whether short-term or long-term, have access to equipment they would not be able to obtain through any other means. (See page 10 for more on the Changing Hands program.)