The focus of this Spotlight Column is on past UCP Board Chair and current UCP Foundation Board Chair Lindsay Jordan. Lindsay first became involved with UCP through Leadership Cumberland when she interned on the UCP Board; she joined the Community Relations and Development Committee in 2008-09. While serving on that Committee, she learned about the various fundraisers held throughout the year. Lindsay joined the Magic Night event committee and went on to serve as Magic Night Chair in 2013. She also participates in the annual Walk for a Healthy Community and the UCP/ Harrisburg Senators Sports Auction, and is a regular on the golf course at the UCP/SchmidtKramer Golf Tournament. Here, in her own words, is Lindsay on her ongoing involvement with UCP: Spotlight on... Lindsay Jordan I understand you came to know of UCP through a personal connection. What can you tell me about that? I first learned about UCP through a family friend named Kayce who has Cerebral Palsy. She is the daughter of my mom’s best friend Sandy, so we grew up together. I enjoyed hanging out with Kayce. She always had such a happy-go-lucky demeanor. Kayce received therapy services from UCP as a young child and was enrolled in the preschool program at age 3. After graduating from West Perry High School at 21, she began participating in one of the Neighbors Adult Day programs (Neighbors is a collaboration between UCP and CPARC). Kayce now lives in a UCP-owned community home, rides horses, and relishes her independence. I’ve always enjoyed volunteering at Special Olympics. I have a cousin that participated in the games. I also have an aunt that has intellectual disabilities and began participating in one of the Neighbors Adult Day programs two years ago. Leadership Cumberland prepares you to serve in your community. One requirement of the program at the time I participated was that Fellows serve as non-voting members on the Board of a local nonprofit. When I saw UCP’s name, I recalled Kayce’s involvement, so I chose to intern on UCP’s Board. Also, when I first joined Leadership Cumberland, I was laid off from my job, so I started volunteering every Friday at Colonial Park Alternatives Adult Day program. So I got to see firsthand the programs and the consumers being served. Lindsay and her husband Ken at Magic Night 2013 14 Life without Limits “If you know of such an individual, please have them contact UCP’s in-house recruiter, Lindsay Unger,” Judith urges. (See Careers without Limits contact info on page 7). Additional organizational changes and innovations are currently under consideration by Judith and her Executive Team within the context of the 2018 fiscal budget. So stay tuned for more news! For an idea of some of Judith’s other priorities, see the “President’s Perspective” on the last page of this issue of Life without Limits. To learn more about the new members of the leadership team, visit: http://www.ucpcentralpa.org/about/Leadership A Change of Scenery Too! Concurrent with the changes in leadership and organiza- tional structure, another significant change for UCP in 2017 was the move to the Pennsylvania Business Complex at 55 Utley Drive in Camp Hill. The new headquarters for UCP and the UCP Foundation is now home to 80+ UCP program and administrative staff who moved from three Camp Hill locations to share space under one roof in January 2017. Such a move would not have been financially feasible were it not for the incredible generosity of several local companies and individuals who donated their time, goods, and services to the physical move itself, and to the retrofitting and furnishing of the new Utley office space. Our profound thanks goes to: • UCP Board and CRD Commitee member Richard “Dick” Michaelian, owner of Relocation Consulting and Management: move planning and logistics • Ahold, USA: systems furniture (cubicles) throughout Utley, as well as numerous filing and storage cabinets • The Hershey Company: 40 lateral filing cabinets • Overnight Office Moving: transporting the 40 lateral filing cabinets • Northwestern Mutual Financial: desks and office items • AGIS: two sets of modular office furniture • Steve Sorem and Jean Woodworth Sorem: bookcases, filing cabinets, conference tables and chairs • The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation: grant to fund technology infrastructure/security A Change at the Top (continued)