2 Life without Limits Life without Limits is a biannual publication of UCP Central PA, 55 Utley Drive, Camp Hill, PA 17011-8028 Change at the Top... (continued) As CEO, Judith is responsible for directing all facets of the organization across a 17-county footprint as she charts a course for its continued growth and success. She leads the agency’s strategic planning initiatives as they relate to program operations and has assumed direct oversight of UCP’s HR, IT, Finance, and Development functions. Past UCP Board Chair Lindsay Jordan, who presided over the search for and ultimate appointment of a new CEO said, “Judith is a proven change agent with an uncanny ability to quickly evaluate financial and program issues and successfully turn programs and agencies around to help them grow into more robust, financially viable organi- zations. She is precisely the leader UCP needs going forward.” (See Spotlight Column interview with Lindsay on page 14 for more of her thoughts on the new CEO.) A native of Maryland, Judith has 30+ years of nonprofit leadership experience and proven expertise in the fields of early education and disability services as well as educational program operations and as a K-12 private school principal. Her past experience includes: • Chief Executive Officer of Core Business Consultants, a privately owned firm specializing in consulting with struggling human services programs in their quest to achieve transformational change • Chief Contracts and Program Officer at Melwood, a leading DC-based nonprofit provider of employment and supportive services for people with differing abilities • Regional Director of Operations and Federal Contracts Administrator at Bright Horizons Family Solutions, the largest provider of U.S. employer-sponsored childcare Judith has a Masters of Business Administration from Drexel University and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from International Seminary in Branford, Florida. She also holds Masters-level Certifications in Advanced Contract Management from Villanova University. In addition to her extraordinary leadership skills, she has a proven track record of improving performance and profit- ability across public, private, and nonprofit sectors alike. Judith has demonstrated strength in several key skill sets that are already serving UCP well, including fiscal leader- ship, strategic business development, contract and grant administration, and project management. She also boasts a demonstrated track record in such critical team-building skills as developing alliances and partnerships, building coalitions, and cultivating relationships. More Than an Advocate... A Champion Yet for all her advanced education, business acumen, and technical qualifications, Judith remains at heart a people person with an abiding faith who feels she is “doing the Lord’s work.” By way of explanation, she says, “My own personal experience, combined with my professional work experience, has led me to become a champion for children and for all those whose voices all too often go completely unheard. I will never do ANY OTHER kind of work.” A favorite quote of Judith’s is “Throw me to the wolves and I’ll return leading the pack.” Fortunately for her pack of employees at UCP, Judith loves nothing more than a good challenge. She has not only proven herself up to the task, she has already overcome some pretty significant obstacles, tangible and intangible. And she has made it clear to staff she is convinced that together we can overcome any obstacles. Judith has a partner who is an educator and an 11-year-old daughter who is actively engaged in the performing arts. She lives in Carlisle. What you should know about Judith... in her own words: I trust God for His guidance every day. My 11-year-old daughter Lindsay is my world. I strive for excellence in all that I do. I will never do any other kind of work. Serving UCP Central PA is the honor of my life. Judith at the bottom of the 130 foot inflatable obstacle course at the UCP Family Picnic on September 9